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Frequently asked questions

How does the pricing work?

We have a free and pro version. Our free version is single-user only, allowing you to save up to 20 videos in your library and create up to 2 boards. If you need to save and create more, you can upgrade to our pro version for $15 per user per month!

What platforms does Twirl integrate with?

Twirl works with Meta ad library, Instagram, TikTok creative center and TikTok organic, and YouTube Shorts. You can use our Chrome Extension to save content from any of these platforms. You will also see content from these platforms in your discovery feed. Soon, we will be working on integrations with Linkedin, Pinterest and more!

How do I save ads with Twirl?

You can save your favorite ad creatives from within FB Ad Library, TikTok Creative Center or TikTok Organic, Instagram, and YouTube Shorts, by using our Chrome Extension. As you save, the creatives will be downloaded and stored forever in your Twirl library (unless you delete them). You can also save ads from our discovery platform in the Twirl Home Feed.

Do the ads I save stay in Twirl forever?

Yes, when you save an ad creative with Twirl, it will be downloaded and stored in your own cloud storage within the platform for as long as you are a user.

What can I use Twirl for?

Use Twirl as your creative strategy sidekick, a Pinterest for your marketing ideas. Whether you are an agency, brand, creator or founder, Twirl can help you find new trends, study best in class ad creative, build your own personal ad library and share ad inspiration with agencies, clients or creators. Take your creative to the next level!

What is creative strategy?

In a post iOS14 world, media buying strategy is becoming less important compared to ad creative.

Creative now accounts for 95% of ad performance, and in 5 years, it will be 99%. Creative Strategy is a rapidly growing job title, because creative is rapidly becoming more important! Creative Strategists bridge the gap between creative (video, images, or any other ad content) and media buying (data, numbers, metrics) to drive the highest possible ROI through deploying the most effective, engaging, impactful ad creative possible.

Their role is highly versatile, ranging from trends or competitor research, to ideation and brief building, to content creator acquisition, all the way through to content production, data analytics and overall strategy. Twirls mission is to be the workflow hub for creative strategy.